Chapter 2 and 3

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Chapter 2 and 3 by Mind Map: Chapter 2 and 3

1. The Aesthetics of Domination

1.1. Workers wages are not enough to live on

1.2. the ability to afford domestic help is middle class

1.3. Domestic workers do not earn much to satisfy basic needs

1.3.1. Gloria was offered 5 minimum salaries to become Dona Beth's exclusive domestic worker this oppourtunity improved Gloria's standard of living required long days and commutes less time spent with own family and on household chores the commute took away a decent portion of her earnings Beth paid her extra to compensate for these costs

1.4. parallels between slavery and domestic work can be made

1.5. Middle and upper classes had more access to better education

2. Color Blind Erotic Democracies, Black Consciousness Politics, and the Black Cinderellas of Felicidade Eterna

2.1. the link between color and class is strong

2.1.1. color and race are ambiguious and can be fluid black, white, brown, freckled, dark light closed, mixed- are all the categories of race

2.1.2. Eliana, one of Gloria's best friends, is a dark-skinned black whose 18 daughter of the same complection gave birth to very light-skinned boy (father was white). Every time she would carry him out with her, ohters perceive her to be his baba- nanny. He is perceived to be white and upper class and his grandmother to be black of the lower class.

2.2. race and racism is an uncomfortable subject matter

2.3. mesticagem- blending of American Indegenious, Iberian and African peoples into a single identity

2.4. despite absorption of some African cultural elements, blackness an African racial features are continued to be associated with slavery and are considered ugly

2.5. racism is conveyed through codede silence and black-humor

2.6. European men and Indigenous women began intermixing to produce mixed babies

2.6.1. this mixing fueled miscegenation and the lack of racial prejudice This all lead up to color-blind erotic democracy Mulattoes gained recognition and attention rape, domination, coercion were part of miscegenation Brazil is different because it embraces racial mixing