Language In Contact

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Language In Contact by Mind Map: Language In Contact

1. Lingua Franca

1.1. Is a language used between two interlocutors but is not the first language. Many languages throughout the history served as lingua franca:

1.1.1. Chinese

1.1.2. French

1.1.3. Arabic

1.1.4. Turkish

1.1.5. English

2. Pidgins

2.1. Is the language of a mixture of two or more languages that form can not be categorized into one of the original language.

2.1.1. Patois (Jamaican and English)

2.1.2. Nigerian (English and Nigerian Krio)

2.1.3. Portuñol (Spanish and Portugese)

2.1.4. Denglisch (Deutsch and English)

2.1.5. Siculish (Sicilian and English)

3. Creoles

3.1. Is define as a language that has envolved in a contact situation to become the native language of a generation of speakers.

3.1.1. The historical transition from a Pidgin to a Creole is called Creolization.

3.1.2. Languages of Creole origin now exist in many parts of the world: Jamaica Sierra Leone Cameroon Georgia South Carolina

4. Bilingualism

4.1. Refers to the situation in nations in which two or more languages are spoken and recognized as official or national language.

4.1.1. Canada (English and French)

4.1.2. Switzerland (French, German, Italian and Romansch)

4.1.3. A speech style unique to bilinguals in which fluent speakers switch languages between or within sentences is: Codeswitching Is a universal language - contact phenomenon that reflects the grammar of both languages working simultaneously.