The Great Mahdi Has Come

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The Great Mahdi Has Come by Mind Map: The Great Mahdi Has Come

1. Mecca

1.1. People of Mecca

1.1.1. Meccans

1.1.2. Polytheistic Many Gods

1.1.3. Hijra

1.2. Muhammad

1.2.1. Medina Christianity Judaism Muhammad's Tomb

1.2.2. Vision Angel Jinn "Recite"

1.2.3. Guidance

1.2.4. Prophet Islam Qur'an Teachings

2. Africa

2.1. Muslim Migration

2.1.1. Escape Oppression

2.1.2. Ethiopia

2.1.3. Abyssinia

2.1.4. Spread of Islam Northern Africa 641-798 C.E. Muhammad's Death West Africa Abu Bakr Sanhaja Berbers Nomads and Traders Eastern Africa Jihad Acceptance Modifications

3. United States

3.1. Spanish Explorers

3.1.1. African Muslims Free Servants/ Slaves North America French Louisiana Spanish Florida Deradicalization Ali's Moonsh Temple Movement in Islam Muslim Mosque Historic Records Confusion between cultures Muslims

4. The Nation of Islam

4.1. Organization

4.1.1. African American Communities Spread of Islam Followers Faith Prayer Problem of Evil "Asiatics"