The Artist

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The Artist by Mind Map: The Artist

1. People

1.1. Others

1.2. Parents

1.3. Friends

1.4. Peers

2. Art

2.1. Defined in this contect by what it does, not what it is

2.2. In the case studies, allows the artist to communicate parts of themselces that have beed hidden or poorly understood

2.3. Created as the result of a conflict or need

3. Institutions

3.1. School

3.2. Teams

3.3. Church

3.4. Clubs

3.5. Media

4. The Artist's Abstractions

4.1. View of culture

4.2. View of the Past

4.3. View of the Present

4.4. View of the future

5. Time

5.1. Present

5.2. Past

6. Infuenced By