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INPUT by Mind Map: INPUT
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What Is Input?

Input is any data and instructions entered into the memory of a computer

The Keyboard

A keyboard is an input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into a computer


A mouse is a pointing device that fits under the palm of your hand comfortably

Other Pointing Devices


A trackball is a stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side


A touchpad is a small, flat, rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion

Pointing Stick

A pointing stick is a pressure-sensitive pointing device shaped like a pencil eraser that is positioned between keys on a keyboard

Pen Input

With pen input, you touch a stylus or digital pen on a flat surface to write, draw, or make selections

Game Controllers

Video games and computer games use a game controller as the input device that directs movements and actions of on-screen objects

Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a mobile device that allows users to take pictures and store them digitally

Voice Input

Voice input is the process of entering input by speaking into a microphone

Voice recognition is the computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words

Video Input

Video input is the process of capturing full-motion images and storing them on a computer’s storage medium

A video conference is a meeting between two or more geographically separated people


A terminal is a computer that allows users to send data to and/or receive information from a host computer