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Bullying by Mind Map: Bullying

1. Characteristics of Bullies

1.1. Friends with bullied at some point

1.2. Identifies others as "other than"

1.3. Often popular kid

2. Characteristics of the Bullied

2.1. Low self esteem

2.2. avoidance behavior (people and places)

2.3. Friends with bully at some point

2.4. Perceived as different (culturally/religiously etc), but wants to fit in

2.5. May stand out for various reasons (personal/identity/family)

3. Effects

3.1. Short Term

3.2. Long Term

3.2.1. Remembered much later

4. Role of the Teacher

4.1. Model appropriate reconciliation

4.2. Envision a way out for students

4.3. Treat seriously (consider no tolerance policies)

4.4. Do not equate bully and bullied

4.5. Avoid oversimplifying situation (or trivialize) "Sticks and stones"

4.6. Try to understand what actually happened

4.7. See something, do something

4.8. Find effective peer mediation if necessary

4.9. Inform principal (decide when to involve parents/ social worker/counselor/other teachers)

4.10. Clarify intent to determine if bullying is involved

4.11. Avoid singling out students when unnecessary

5. Forms of Bullying

5.1. Relational

5.2. Reactive

5.3. Physical

5.4. Verbal

5.5. Cyber