Computer Devices

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Computer Devices by Mind Map: Computer Devices

1. Input

1.1. Keyboard

1.1.1. set up as a typewriter

1.2. Mouse

1.2.1. trackball helps if there is not a lot of space to move a mouse around, because most of the movement is done by the ball

1.2.2. touch pad -laptop

2. Output

2.1. monitor

2.1.1. pixel or picture element

2.1.2. resolution refers to clarity and crispness of picture

2.1.3. CRT screens - bulky

2.2. LCD screens-flat screen

2.2.1. takes up less space on computer desk cost more and can be messed up easier in a busy classroom

2.3. Printer

2.3.1. Laser

2.3.2. Ink jet

2.3.3. resolution measured in dpi (dots per inch)

2.3.4. multipurpose devices or better known as all-in-one printer