Jem Finch

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Jem Finch by Mind Map: Jem Finch

1. Character

1.1. Features

1.1.1. Short Brown Hair

1.1.2. Short

1.1.3. Loves sport

1.2. Personality

1.2.1. Contempt "Hush scout ..... I'll let you know when" pg. 75

1.2.2. Logical "I swear Scout ..... its mortifying" pg. 38

1.2.3. Adventurous/Curious

1.2.4. Powerful/Arrogant "Touch the house, that all?" pg. 15

1.2.5. Proud "Jem looked ..... Could not decline" pg. 41

1.2.6. Idealistic

1.2.7. Brave "In all his life ..... a dare." pg. 14

1.2.8. Mature "You oughta ..... you are" pg.

2. People

2.1. Family

2.1.1. Atticus

2.1.2. Scout

2.1.3. Aunt Alexandra

2.1.4. Uncle Jack

2.2. Friends

2.2.1. Dill Appearance "Dill was a curiosity ..... centre of his forehead." pg. 8

3. Motivated By

3.1. The main thing Jem is motivated by in the book is respect, as he gets older he wants to be respected and this is evident throughout the book.

3.1.1. Throughout the book he learns to take consideration into his actions "Touch the house, that all?" pg. 15 "You oughta ..... you are" pg. 141 These two quotes indicate a maturing person over a period of time

4. How others see him

4.1. Mrs. Dubose

4.1.1. Mrs. Dubose views Jem indiscriminately often and dislikes both Jem and Scout because of their father.

4.2. Scout

4.2.1. Scout views Jem as her best friend in the novel and as her role model "It's different ..... these days." pg. 138

4.3. Attucus

4.3.1. Atticus views Jem differently throughout the book, overtime he gains respect from Jem and trusts him with important tasks. "Not yet son ..... of your sight" pg. 76