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PGDE Programmes by Mind Map: PGDE Programmes

1. Practicum

2. Academic Subject (AS)

3. Educational Studies (ES)

4. Curriculum Studies (CS)

4.1. Personal Effectiveness

4.1.1. PE1 Tuning into self My Teaching Philosophies (Site)

4.1.2. PE2 Exercising personality integrity and legal responsibiltites

4.1.3. PE3 Understanding and respecting others

4.1.4. PE4 Resilience and adaptability

4.2. Professional Practice

4.2.1. PP1 Nurturing the whole child

4.2.2. PP2 Providing quality learning of child

4.2.3. PP4.1 Cultivating knowledge with subject mastery

4.3. Leadership and Management

4.4. Service to the Profession and Community

4.5. Teacher Identity

4.6. Learner-Centered Values

4.7. Skills

4.8. Knowledge

5. Knowledge Skills

6. GESL and the Meranti Project