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Transparent Economy by Mind Map: Transparent Economy
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Transparent Economy


social appreciation and reputation

Social Web

Exspected Results

This Mind Map

is in the making

was created by some adhoc brainstroming

author: Willi Schroll

the impulse came from reading a post of William Halal at (August 31, 2009)

Balancing Uber- Capitalism

The financial crisis was to some degree a result of reckless behavior

Lessons Learned: How "Organized Crime Economy" works

Uber-Capitalism as a crtical term means

Balancing mono-value Capitalism

There is something at stake. The wealth of nations and the future of the planet. We all have the right and the obligation to think about the bugs of the system.

Socialist utopia is falsified

Saving the capitalist core

Status quo

An idea to change the game - The Transparent Economy

Let us complement the value chain of the monetary dimension with the reality of human nature.

Progress of technology (Moore's law etc.) enables us to communicate and collaborate on a level never seen before in history.

Transparency technologies with smart algorithms can realize an environment with components rewarding the moral decision and punishing the immoral decision

Wikinomics (Don Tapscott): How Mass-Collaboration changes everything.

I want to propose another component: Mass-Transparency

This idea is tempting, because it is based on a concept of self-regulation.

So it fits quite good to the market economy.

What Transparent Economy is not

Of course TE is no Big Brother scenario, with everyone knowing everything

Even today there are a lot of reporting compliances - by law or self-regulated.

There are cores of business like planning, strategy and intellectual properties, which have to be protected severely.

Complementary approaches and components

Collaborative Enterprise

Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship