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Acids and Bases by Mind Map: Acids and Bases
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Acids and Bases

Reaction Between Acid and Metals

Produces Hydrogen Gas + Salt

There will be an explosive reaction if the metal is an Alkali Metal

Unreactive Metals

Electrical Conductivity

Acids can only conduct electricity while in aqueous form

PH Level

Bases have Ph >7

Acids have Ph < 7

Reaction between Acids and Bases (or metal oxides)

Produces Water + Salt

Also Known as Neutralisation

Metal Oxides or hydroxides that dissolve in water are called Alkalis


Acids dissociate in water to give H+ ions

Bases dissociate in water to give OH Hydroxide ions

Reaction between Acids and Carbonates

Produces Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide


A base is a metal oxide or a metal hydroxide

An acid is a substance that produces H+ in water


Litmus Paper