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make a game by Mind Map: make a game

1. deadline is exam week

2. must fulfill following requirements

2.1. offer the player a challenge

2.1.1. a goal

2.1.2. a method of reaching that goal

2.1.3. a series of obstacles that challenge the player

2.2. have a win condition

2.3. have a fail condition

2.3.1. lose the game

2.3.2. restart / respawn

2.4. address the four main lenses

2.4.1. essential experience

2.4.2. fun

2.4.3. curiousity

2.4.4. surprise

2.5. explore artificial intelligence

2.6. explore more advanced scripting

2.6.1. use whatever you can find out there, as long as you know what you're doing with it

2.7. use sound

2.8. use lighting

2.9. use textures

2.10. use meshes

2.11. use gui

2.11.1. including game menu system

2.11.2. a way to change scenes

3. may be...

3.1. fps

3.2. 3ps

3.3. platformer

4. can be...

4.1. puzzle

4.2. maze

4.3. shooter

5. you may use other games as inspirations, jumping-off points, or even replicate their rules, but you cannot use their assets

6. you can also extend your alarm system

6.1. make it the point of entry into your game