Art Nouveau

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Art Nouveau by Mind Map: Art Nouveau

1. Characteristics

1.1. Natural forms

1.2. Total work of art

1.2.1. Included

1.2.2. Excluded

1.3. Linear form

1.4. Signage,Graphic

2. Movement

2.1. many ways a response to the Industrial Revolution

2.1.1. Dependencies

2.1.2. Milestones

2.2. Reject historicis,and escaping the Europe tradition

2.2.1. Schedule

2.2.2. Budget

2.3. Define Project Development Measurement

2.3.1. KPI's

3. celebrities

3.1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh

3.2. Margaret Mackintosh

4. material

4.1. Light weight

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. metaphor for freedom and release

4.3. Iron

5. Infiuence

5.1. Tried to achieve the synthesis of art and crafttried to achieve the synthesis of art and craft

5.2. the creation of the spiritually uplifting "total work of art" encompassing a variety of media.

5.3. Escaping the European tradition turned many artists towards the art of other cultures.