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1. International Media Network

1.1. Operational Manager of commercial strategy and technology convergence

1.2. International lead for portfolio of Music and Entertainment products

1.3. Oversees operations and workflow around production

1.4. International digital media business

1.5. Coordination & Communication of all Digital Brand related activity

2. Human Resources and Adminstration

2.1. Ensure compliance with labor laws

2.2. Recruitment and Training

2.3. Record Keeping

2.4. Payroll and Benefits

2.5. Employee Performance Improvement Plans

3. Investor Relations

3.1. Press Releases

3.2. Conference Call Scripts

3.3. Actively track market views

3.4. Involvement with the National Relations Institute

3.5. Create Industry trend reports for the CEO, CFO, and board of directors

4. General Counsel and Secretary

4.1. Manage all board and committee meetings

4.2. Maintain key corporate documents and records

4.3. SEC reporting and compliance

4.4. Subsidiary management and governance

4.5. Engagement on corporate governance issues

5. Corporate Communications

5.1. Stakeholders Communication

5.2. Media Relations

5.3. Public Relations

5.4. Crisis Communication

5.5. Employee Communication