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civil war by Mind Map: civil war

1. The Battle of Antietam fought on Wednesday September 17, 1862 near Sharps burg Maryland and Antietam Creek as part of the Maryland Campaign

2. Border States

2.1. Delaware

2.2. Maryland

2.3. West Virginia

2.4. Kentucky

2.5. Montana

3. Confederate Strategy

3.1. The south wanted to not invade the north but just wait and defend there territory intill the north left them alone..

4. Matthew Brady

5. General Grants Victory in the west

5.1. One of the most bloodiest battles of the civil war but the union turns out victorious with leader general Grant.

6. General Lees victory in the east

6.1. general conquers the east

7. The battle of antietam

8. 54th Massachusetts

8.1. in south Carolina by the 54th infantry on july 18, 1863 the regiment sufferd a terrible loss

9. Women in the war

9.1. Women contributed alot in the war in north and south some disqiused them selves as men so they can fight in the army and other others became spies behind enemy lines

10. cant fade

11. the battle of gettysburg

11.1. in june 1863 lee's troops marched pass maryland state lines into pennsylvania and began a hash battle

12. battle of vicksburg

12.1. on july 4th 1863 lees army bagan to push union to vicksburg where vicks burg surrenderd to general grant.

13. gerneral sherman takes atlanta

13.1. the confederate could not stop the union and surrenderd atlanta on september 2 1864

14. general grant takes savanah

14.1. he moves his way through georgia on to the border of savanah

15. cost of the civil war

15.1. much damage was done to the civil war int that time and lincon was trying to get all the the former confederate states back to the union by doing the 10 % plan

16. Confederate

16.1. Florida

16.2. South carolina

16.3. Georgia

16.4. Alabama

16.5. Mississpi

16.6. Louisiana

16.7. Texas

17. Union States

17.1. Gain control of Mississippi river and Souths transportation's link to split south in to two and seize confederate Capital.

18. First battle of bull run.

18.1. Army's clashed along bull run a river just north on Manassas on july 21st first the union army pushed forth but south commander rallied his men to square up

19. Battle of shiloh

19.1. a brutal battle where the south lost over 11,000 men and north more than 13,000 men and the union forced confederate to with draw from railroad center

20. fall of new orleans

20.1. David farrgut captured new orleans april 26 1826.

21. General lee Invades the north

21.1. On this day in 1862 Confederate General Robert E Lee began his first invasion of the North, initiating the Maryland Campaign.

22. the emancipation proclamation

23. president lincon end slavery the country

24. African American soliders

24.1. the emancipation proclamation allowed african americans to fight in the war

25. Riots in Richmond

25.1. Riots in richomond for them end of slavery

26. Economy in the civil war

26.1. there was income tax and inflation and the union did not like it