My Literacy Life Chart

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My Literacy Life Chart by Mind Map: My Literacy Life Chart

1. School in India

1.1. My weakest point in school have always been science due to the fact that I had trouble understanding the basics behind terms. I had trouble with understanding what I was reading.

1.2. There was no extra help or support provided by the teacher. The teacher would simply come into class, do her lessons and leave. Al the students were expected to was take notes and understand them. The class was supposed to sit by their marks ranking. Who ever would get higher marks would sit at the front and other would sit sccordingly.

1.3. I remeber first being introduced to computers. The principle had brought in a computer into class where they had us type our names into some sort of application of the computer.

1.4. There was not big library. It was just in one room where i think they probably had about 100 books. There were not any resources provided to student to look back at to improve their weak points.

2. Childhood

2.1. My early childhood (until grade 7) was spent back home in India.

2.2. For the first 10 years of my I lived with my mother, brother and grandparents back home in India. My dad was in German and US for the duration of those years on refugee bases.

3. Moving to Canada

3.1. I moved to Canada at the age of 13 years. I started grade 7 at a junior high school.

3.2. During the first week of classes, i was put into ESL class. In that ESL class. At first, I was mad because i could speak English. As I spent a few days in that class, i realized it was helping with my weak sides.

3.3. The ESL classes had helped me with learning basics of science, reading, writing, geography, etc.

4. High School

4.1. When I went into high school, i was in my regular courses and found it a little difficult, ofcourse.

4.2. Being in ESL earlier, had helped my clear my Science 10 in high school. Ofcourse, i had to put some extra hours of studying into it but i cleared it. When I went into Biology 20, it was just a nightmare. I failed it and never looked back at it. I cleared Chemistry and Physics with good passing marks.

5. Today!!

5.1. Today, I still have trouble with reading novels or textbooks. I always have to read it twice to be able to make sense of it.

5.2. I am here working towards my degree, i have overcome not all, but most of my weaknesses in studies and working towards becoming a teacher myself.