Brunch Club Brussels 20th May 2016

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Brunch Club Brussels 20th May 2016 by Mind Map: Brunch Club Brussels 20th May 2016

1. Mind Mapping Belgium

1.1. Your challenges?

1.1.1. Engaging people with mind map training Business Universities Schools

1.1.2. Changing perceptions "Colouring" Showing real uses

1.2. Opportunities?

1.2.1. Student uses Long-term process Make mapping visible

1.2.2. Link with other approaches Graphic recording Design thinking Sketchnoting Tools Trello etc

1.3. Help needed?

1.3.1. The biggest mindmap Higher Technical Institute Sint-Antonius

1.4. Brunch Club

1.4.1. What do you want?

1.4.2. What structure/format?

1.4.3. Maintaining momentum?

2. Member Presentation

3. Welcome

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Networking and knowledge sharing for mind mappers

3.1.2. Shape regional strategy

3.2. Outcome

3.2.1. Learning

3.2.2. Momentum Members Maps

3.2.3. Opportunities For us For you

3.3. Structure

3.3.1. Biggerplate Update

3.3.2. Member Presentation Alexis

3.3.3. Mind Mapping Belgium

3.4. Timing

3.4.1. Pause at 11:00

3.4.2. Finish at 12:00

4. Biggerplate Update

4.1. Biggerplate Unplugged 2017

4.1.1. Paris vs Brussels France Y6 Web Traffic Members Belgium Y6 Web Traffic Members

4.1.2. Key Considerations Established Networks In the city Known individuals Brunch Club Members Marketing Reach Website visitors Email segments Accessibility National International

4.1.3. Options Extend to 2 days More workshops More social

4.1.4. Questions Develop Brussels Brunch Club? Keep informal A special version Support/attend Paris? Topics/focus/format? One/two day? Spread the word

4.2. Brunch Club

4.2.1. "Networking & knowledge sharing for mind mappers"

4.2.2. Y7 Development General Extend: 9:00 - 12:00? More member presenting? More hands-on? Brunch (AM) + Workshop (PM) Brussels Grow? Move?

4.3. Biggerplate 3.0

4.3.1. Total site rebuild

4.3.2. Launch in 2017 New Technology (Geeky stuff) Mobile & International Core Functions Library Search Social Biggerplate Pro Analytics Map Albums More control

4.3.3. Features/Requests? Private sharing

4.4. Questions/Feedback