Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization by Mind Map: Search Engine Optimization

1. Query Processor

1.1. Using complex weighting algorithms, it matches and retrieves search results based on the keywords entered by users.

2. How SE Operates

2.1. Types of SE

2.1.1. Organic SE Spider Find and crawl web pages. Indexer Processes your pages based on SE specific algorithms for indexing into large database.

2.1.2. Paid SE

3. Why SEO

3.1. Achieve Top Ranking

3.2. Increase web traffic

3.3. Increase revenue

4. Page Ranking Factors

4.1. Keyword Density

4.2. Inbound Links

4.3. HTML Page Title

4.4. Age of Domain Name

4.5. Site Authority

4.6. Page URL & Meta Tags

4.7. Image ATL Tags

5. What is SEO

5.1. SEO is the art and science of helping websites increase their visibility in major Search Engines

6. What is Keyword Research

6.1. Identifying which phrases are used on search engines when people are looking for information.

7. Two types of Strategies

7.1. Optimizing for Traffic

7.1.1. Usually for publishing and advertising businesses

7.2. Optimizing for Conversion

7.2.1. Usually for e-commerce / service webstores

8. Why Keyword Research

8.1. Helps you understand visitors’ intentions.

8.2. Enables you to reach not just any visitors but the right kind of visitors

9. Choosing the right keyword search

9.1. Long-tailed keywords

9.2. Keyword Tools

9.3. Find Keywords that are heavily searched

10. Types of Search intent

10.1. Transactional Searches

10.2. Navigational Searches

10.3. Informational Searches

11. Growing popularity & links

11.1. Link Building Strategies

11.1.1. What kind of links matters to SE

12. What is A/B Testing?