Introduction to Mind Mapping & Biggerplate

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Introduction to Mind Mapping & Biggerplate by Mind Map: Introduction to Mind Mapping & Biggerplate

1. What next?

1.1. Join Biggerplate (free)!

1.2. Share a Mind Map!

1.3. Connect with us!

1.3.1. @Biggerplate

1.3.2. .com/Biggerplate

1.4. Questions?

1.4.1. Email: [email protected]


2.1. The home of mind mapping!

2.1.1. Content Mind map library Case Studies Reports

2.1.2. Learning E-learning Tutorials: YouTube Webinars Training

2.1.3. Community Over 120,000 users Wide ranging Countries Job roles Industries Free!

2.2. Exploring the library

2.2.1. Search...

2.2.2. Browse...

2.2.3. Download... Original File PDF (some maps) (Tip: Watch for compatibility)

2.2.4. Demo!

2.3. Business Club

2.3.1. Upgrade: $29/Year

2.3.2. Contents Webinars Live On-demand Image Packs Curated Lists Special Offers

2.3.3. Demo!

2.4. Services

2.4.1. Training

2.4.2. Facilitation

3. Welcome!

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. Liam Hughes @BiggerplateLiam

3.1.2. Biggerplate Don't make software! Don't sell software!

3.2. POST

3.2.1. Purpose Welcome you to community! Provide some guidance Answer questions

3.2.2. Outcomes Learn about mind mapping Understand

3.2.3. Structure Mind Mapping Basics Biggerplate Basics Questions

3.2.4. Timing 45-60 Mins

4. Mind Mapping

4.1. Information Jigsaw Puzzle

4.1.1. The pieces Ideas Information Tasks People Reminders Data

4.1.2. The challenge There is no box There are no edges Colours not obvious All the pieces? Multiple puzzles

4.1.3. How to help? Get pieces from... Your head Emails Docs/Folders Lists Scraps of paper... Make them visible Connect dots Develop context See total picture Stay flexible Adaptable planning tool Handle new info

4.2. Demo: Weekly Planner

4.3. Mind Map Software

4.3.1. We don't... Make software Sell software

4.3.2. Lots of options! Free Paid

4.3.3. Explore your needs Windows/Mac? Web-based? Solo or Team?

4.3.4. Biggerplate = Shortlist