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LMS104: Communications and Community by Mind Map: LMS104: Communications and Community
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LMS104: Communications and Community


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  Welcome to LMS 104, Communications and Community.   The content of this Module is divided into 6 Units (including this Welcome Unit). Each Unit contains lessons and materials of various sorts. You may work on the units in any sequence, except for Facilitating Community. Each unit has an Assessment. You may attempt the Assessment activities at any time, in any sequence. There will also be homework that you must complete successfully, using the tools in your Practice course and Discussion postings to complete. Once you pass the Assessment and complete your homework for a Unit, you have completed that Unit. When you have successfully completed the other 5 Units, the Unit on Facilitating Community will become available to you. Note that many of the concepts and ideas addressed under Facilitating Community are introduced throughout the other Units in this module.

History of teaching tools (Mike and Hector)

Assessment of LMS 104

One Way Communication (One To Many)

One Way Communication Communicating to students: you must do a good deal of top-down, one to many communication. You are the teacher. You set the tone, expectations, requirements and schedules for the class. You set policies on academic integrity and use of email or discussions.  

We need to work on the assessment for this. Can we do an adequate Pre-Test?

Presenting Content

Stating clear policies


Grading schemes


Due dates



Presenting yourself

Two Way Communication (One To One)

You need to do a good deal of interactive communication. Studies suggest that there is more teacher/student interaction in online courses than in traditional face-to-face classroom courses. You will read and respond to large quantities of email messages and discussion posts.

Need to work on how we assess this. Could we do an adequate Pre-Test?




Learning Modes




Many to Many Communication

  Students should communicate and cooperate with each other, as well as with you. They should understand that you are a learner, as well as them.  

Mike - Scenarios

Using technology to connect




Teachers have learned tools for years. How to lecture while standing at a blackboard or white board, how to use PowerPoint, how to use document cameras, how to use ELMOs, how to use overhead projectors and opaque projectors, how to use iPods and cell phones in education. Your Learning Management System has a few more tools that you need to learn.  


Tool Characteristics

Tool Mechanics

Notes to the Team

Remember to include mentions of other resources, beyond this course

Place Scenario ideas and Quiz questions in the appropriate folders on the shared drive.

Facilitating Community

Students should communicate and cooperate with each other, as well as with you. They should understand that you are a learner, as well as them.





What is Community?

Resources for Teaching Ideas

Here are a couple of additional resources for teaching ideas:



Dartmouth Discussions