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Geometry by Mind Map: Geometry

1. 3D Shapes

1.1. How to draw a 3D shape.

1.2. How to make a 3D shape into a net.

1.3. How to make a net into a 3D shape.

1.4. Features of a basic 3D shape

1.4.1. That the number of faces + the number of Vertics - 2 = the number of edges.

2. Nets

2.1. How to make a 3D shape into a net.

2.2. That a net is what you cut out and then fold the sides to make it into a 3D shape.

2.3. How to make a net into a 3D shape.

3. Translations

3.1. How to move a shape from one place to another.

3.1.1. To do this you need to figure out which was it goes horizontal like for example if it went left 2 and down 5 you would put it as '-2,-5'

4. Tessellations

4.1. That triangles, squares and hexagons can tessellate.

4.2. That pentagons, heptagons and octagons can't tessellate.

4.3. That a regular polygon with more than 6 sides can't tessellate.

4.4. That only shapes that add up to 360 degrees when put together can tessellate properly.

5. Angles

5.1. That an angle of a square is 90 degrees.

5.2. That an angle of a triangle is 60 degrees.

5.3. That an angle of a hexagon is 120 degrees.

5.4. How to identify and name angles

6. Triangles

6.1. How to find the angle in a triangle.

6.2. How to accurately construct a triangle using a protractor and a ruler.