Year 13

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Year 13 by Mind Map: Year 13

1. Art

1.1. Theme?

1.1.1. Surrealism? Metamorphosis? Issue based enquiry? Landscape and Cityscape? Preps Need 15? Books One Sketch Book One Critical Study Final Pieces Need 4 by easter Going to do at least 2 before christmas Canvases? Should i use different medias?

2. Photography

2.1. Photos?

2.1.1. Genre Still Life Landscape Cityscape

2.1.2. Lenses to use? Macro Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more... Standard 18-55mm 70-300mm

2.1.3. Techniques Depth Of Field Exposure Composition

2.2. Photographers

2.2.1. Andre Breton

2.2.2. Biographies