year 13 Photography

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year 13 Photography by Mind Map: year 13 Photography

1. New node

2. forms of research

2.1. photographic books

2.1.1. leaf though it turning to random pages flick though taking it in quickly

2.1.2. draw ideas take them away and expand on it create a personal response

2.1.3. buy it steal it borrow it

2.2. photography exhibitions

2.2.1. find unrelated exhibitions and link them

2.2.2. find ideas on presentation

2.3. join internet blogs

2.3.1. question and respond

2.3.2. New node

2.4. take a journey never taken and find new ideas

2.5. artist biography

2.5.1. search on google type in the artist name press enter

2.5.2. New node

3. ideas and genres

3.1. Surrealism

3.1.1. research

3.1.2. stimulating ideas

3.2. life and time of a manikin

3.3. destruction of the ordanery

3.4. painting in UV paint

3.5. Ater ego

4. presentation

4.1. key area to improve

4.2. make relevant to work

4.3. critical studies book

4.4. materials

4.5. leave it to chance

4.6. make shore it doesn't overshadow the work

5. improvements

5.1. presentaton

5.2. tackling a problem with a lateral stance

5.3. more indeepth research

5.4. improve my constructive criticisms of work i have produced

5.5. find links between work

5.6. learn the complete function of the technical side of the camera