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OpenLearnPanel by Mind Map: OpenLearnPanel
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Carnegie helped build 3000 public libraries

"opening up education"

Toru Iiyoshi

teaching and learning commons

Diana Laurillard

software and tools


Stuart Lee

tyranny of the student information system

license based on number of users


cultural gates

not new

Andy Lane

OER value

implications for teaching

implications for learning


why allow all the panelists to do mini-presentations?

felt a bit like we only got the warm-up for the conversation, and then ... time was up

Vijay Kumar

blended learning

boundariless education


India Net Enabled Open Education (NO-Ed)

India Net Enabled Open Education (NEO-Ed)




link between many tools and many repositories

is higher ed ready for opening up?


what are drivers for teachers?

think more outside of box?

changes relationship between learners and institutions

if we create a major university per week, we can still not deal with increasing demand