Embedding literacy and numeracy in ACE

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Embedding literacy and numeracy in ACE by Mind Map: Embedding literacy and numeracy in ACE

1. teachers

1.1. different expertise

1.2. working together

1.3. meeting learners' needs

1.4. collaborative

1.5. team teaching

2. Provider

2.1. strategic priority

2.2. ethos of organisation

3. delivery

3.1. various models

3.2. learner-centred

3.3. Timing of literacy and numeracy component introduction

4. subjects

4.1. reading

4.2. writing

4.3. speaking

4.4. listening

4.5. number

4.6. statistics

4.7. measurement

5. professional learning/development

6. natural literacy/numeracy

6.1. recognition

6.2. relevance

6.3. purpose

7. definition of embedded

7.1. creating ways for learners to improve their literacy and numeracy skills as part of another learning activity

7.2. combines the development of literacy and numeracy with the development of vocational and other skills

7.3. Acquisition of literacy skills is built into broader skills development, in authentic, real-life settings

7.4. Basic literary,numeracy and English language skills education is integrated into, or contextualised within vocational education or job skills training

7.5. developing course-related literacy and numeracy as part of and at the same time as learning the core subject.

8. NOT

8.1. just including literacy/numeracy

8.2. separate

8.3. discrete

8.4. main purpose

8.5. unrelated blocks of learning