Cultural Revolution

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Cultural Revolution by Mind Map: Cultural Revolution

1. Culture and Intellectual Life

1.1. Leisure time outside of work was gone

1.2. People were instead force to re-read the work of Mao and People's articles

1.3. The country has become cultural desert. A lot of scholars, teachers, artis and writers were killed or imprisoned

1.4. Many victims of the cultural purge were chosen randomly by the Red Guards

2. The Communist Party

2.1. Since 1949, the CPC was controlling and had power over the country. Although the lower rank officals had right to suggest the objection, they were usually disregarded and highly dis-encouraged (or counted as crime).

2.2. The cultural revolution purged about 70% of the top ranking officials

2.3. In national level, over 60% of high ranking officials lost their jobs.

3. Urban areas

3.1. The movement to eradicate bourgeois and foreign influences from Chinese society and to drive out 'capitalist-roaders' from official positions was conducted in almost every high school, university, factory, office and shop

3.2. At work places each morning, people stood in formation and bowed three times before Mao's portrait, quietly asking for instructions for the day ahead

3.3. The output in China fell so many times.

3.4. Sudden attack from the Red Guard attack if the citizen did something wrong in though, appearance and life style.

4. Rural areas

4.1. Largely untouched by violance and disruption unlike the city

4.2. Grain production declined in 1966 and 1967

4.3. The grain production started reclining from 1968, how ever the resources were still limited

5. Young People and Education

5.1. Teachers were targeted as the victims by the young students

5.2. On 1966 June 8, many teachers were dragged out of the class and were beaten. The violence spread throughout the institutions in cities

5.3. On 6 August, first death occurred in Beijing girl's school as the headmistress, 57 year old was beaten ad tortured to death.

5.4. Many students lost their education and jobs