Commercial Law 101

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Commercial Law 101 by Mind Map: Commercial Law 101

1. Legal Reasoning

1.1. Legislation

1.1.1. Legislation and the legislative process Terminology and categories of legislation Parliament's plenary law making powers The enactment process Delegated legislation

1.1.2. Interpretation of Legislation Acts come into force Judicial approaches to statutory interpretation Intrinsic aids to interpretation Interpretation Act 1999 Other extrinsic material to aid interpretation Maxims for the interpretation of individual words and phrases Common presumptions

1.2. Case Law

1.2.1. Place of case law in legal system

1.2.2. Judges decide cases

1.2.3. Binding decisions on courts

1.2.4. Binding on a later court

1.2.5. Judicial reasoning techniques

2. Framework Of Law

2.1. The Legal System

2.1.1. Nature & Function

2.1.2. Elements Of The Legal System

2.1.3. Sources of Law

2.1.4. Classification Of Law Public or Private Common Law Criminal/Civil Law

2.2. The Constitution of New Zealand

2.2.1. Constitution

2.2.2. Nature of NZ's constitution

2.2.3. NZ constitutional statutes

2.2.4. Constitutional doctrines

2.2.5. Constitutional conventions

2.3. The Treaty of Waitangi

2.3.1. History

2.3.2. The text

2.3.3. Ratification

2.3.4. Waitangi Tribunal

2.3.5. Conslusions

2.4. The three arms of government

2.4.1. Parliament

2.4.2. The Executive

2.4.3. The judiciary

3. Principles of Liability

3.1. Overview of Obligations

3.1.1. Introduction

3.1.2. What is a Legal Obligation?

3.1.3. Categories of Obligation

3.1.4. Multiple obligations

3.2. Statutory Liability

3.2.1. Introduction

3.2.2. Civil Liability Express creation/denial of civil liability Fair Trading Act 1986 (FTA) Implied creation of civil liability Changing the content of an existing cause of action

3.2.3. Criminal Liability Criminal and Civil Liability distinguished General concepts Difference in terminology and procedure The nature of Criminal liability Traditional elements of a criminal offense