The School Canteen

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The School Canteen by Mind Map: The School Canteen

1. Dishes is not cleared fast enough

1.1. Not enough worker to clear the dishes during peak hours

1.1.1. The lack of labours No people like to be a cleaner in Singapore Salary is low The job is tough

1.2. Students do not have the initiative to clear the dishes

1.2.1. They do not have self-consciousness They were not educated much on morality Moral education in Singapore is superficial They are spoiled by their parents

2. The queue is too long

2.1. Cashiering take lots of time

2.1.1. It takes time to give out the changes Customers do not have small notes

2.2. Food preparation is too long

2.2.1. The food need long preparation time so students have to wait Students pursue high quality food They are spoiled by their parents Singapore has very high standard of living. They are used to eat high quality food.

3. Hard to find seat

3.1. People hogging the seat

3.1.1. People play computer games and do homework and not eating The library is far from their lecture rooms. They can enjoy the aircon The children are spoiled. They cannot withstand hot weather.

3.1.2. People hog extra seat to put their stuff They have to bring a lot of study materials everyday

3.2. Seats are not enough

3.2.1. Space allocation is not properly planned

3.3. A lot of people

3.3.1. Most of the lunch break are the same The timetable is unreasonable

4. Solution>3<!!!

4.1. Solution for the queue

4.1.1. Students may use their credit, debit or ez-link card to pay their bill

4.2. Solution for dishes

4.2.1. The school should provide bonus for their work to encourage them to work harder

4.3. Solution for overcrowding.

4.3.1. Lunch break should be divivded into 1st hour and 2nd hour

4.4. Solution for finding seat

4.4.1. Tables should be redesigned for maximized usage

5. Some of the places are crowded (Makan place)

5.1. People think its easier to find seat

5.1.1. There is more seats available

5.2. More variety of food

5.2.1. more stores Bigger space than the rest

5.3. Convenient for most pupil

5.3.1. It is located at the heart of NP

6. The End