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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Form

1.1. What is electricity?

1.1.1. It is an energy

1.1.2. It comes out of a hole in the wall

1.1.3. It can make your hair stand up

1.1.4. It can make a spark when you touch some metal objects

1.1.5. It can be stored in battteries

1.1.6. It travels down cables

1.1.7. It is in lightening bolts

2. Function

2.1. How does electricity work?

2.2. It can be made from generators (spinning magnets)

2.3. It is flowing electrons (that's what my Daddy says)

2.4. It flows like water, but it won't flow unless it is connected to something

2.5. It is measured in Watts and Amps and Volts

2.6. It always wants to get to the ground (earth)

3. Causation

3.1. It makes things work

3.1.1. Fridges

3.1.2. Toys

3.1.3. Computers

3.1.4. Television

3.1.5. Air conditioning

3.1.6. MRT

3.1.7. Lighting

3.1.8. Lifts

3.2. It's shocking! It can hurt your or even kill you

3.3. What can electricity cause to happen?

4. Change

4.1. How does electricity change?

4.2. It turns into movement

4.3. It turns into light

4.4. It turns into heat

5. Connection

5.1. How is electricity like other things?

5.2. It is invisible, but you can see what it does, like the wind

5.3. It is useful but dangerous, like fire

5.4. It s like air, you can't see it, you take it for granted, but you know you would miss it badly if it was not there.

6. Responsibility

6.1. What do we have to consider when we use it?

6.2. Coal fired power plants make it.

6.3. Nuclear Power Plants make it.

6.4. It can be make by hydroelectricty which is a clean way of making electricity

6.5. That we should not waste it, as the generators that make it cause pollution.

7. Reflection

7.1. How do we know?

7.2. We know becasue we can see what it does

7.3. We can feel it heat up a wire that touches both ends of a battery

8. Perspective

8.1. What are the points of view?

8.2. It is safe and clean

8.3. It can cause a lot of pollution by the generators that make it.

8.4. It is dangerous

9. Biscuits

9.1. Bourbons

9.2. Dead Fly

9.3. Tim Tams