America's Involvment In World War I

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America's Involvment In World War I by Mind Map: America's Involvment In World War I

1. Zimmerman Telegram

1.1. Propopsed the following

1.1.1. Mexican Alliance with Germany

1.1.2. Attack the U.S.

1.1.3. Financial support from Germans

1.1.4. Mexico would regain TX, AZ and NM

1.2. Mexico declined

1.2.1. Germany was broke

1.2.2. U.S. had stronger military

1.2.3. Mexico didn't really want the land back


1.3.1. Congress offically declared war on 4/6/1971

2. Melting Pot

2.1. President Wilson promised Neutrality

2.2. Communities in the US seperated based on their native country

2.3. Ended Immigration

3. Lusitania Sunk

3.1. British Liner carring 1,200 passengers (128 American's)

3.2. Sunk by a German U-Boat carring a torpedo

3.3. Increased anti-german feelings in the US

3.3.1. Hambugers = salsbury steak

3.3.2. sauerkraut = liberty cabbage

3.3.3. German language classes cancelled

4. Sussex Sunk

4.1. French passenger ship carring Americans was sunk by German U-Boat - All saved!

4.2. Sussex Pledge signed between German and United States

4.2.1. No more attacking passenger liners

4.2.2. Pledge broken within the year by attacking American ships

4.2.3. President Wilson cut off diplomatic ties with Germany