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Management of PR Online by Mind Map: Management of PR Online
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Management of PR Online

This PLN shows a network of people who can contribute to my research by  outlining the best practices of the management of online PR

Twitter (Yuliya_Mass)

Various Hashtags I follow





Trend Words I follow

Media Relations

PR Management

Twitter users








Blogs (yuliyariabko)


Top ten online PR fails

HighTalk (Media Relations blogs)

How to combat bad press using online reputation management

DashisGroup (@dhinchcliffe)

Enterprise strategies

LinkedIn (Yuliya Riabko)

Social Media in Organization

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Stakeholder Engagement: Slide Share Deck


Management of PR

how does it work

Managing bad press

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Companies ..

Handling bad publicity

How to deal with bad publicity

Online Reputation Management: How to handle negative publivity

Handling bad publicity

Crisis management Ideas

8 steps to guide PR

Top 20 PR Success stories

How to manage your PR

How to handle bad press as an online community manager

PR websites



Reputation Management

PR Cases


Bakery meltdown on Facebook

Three New Examples of Bad PR

Group Collaboration

Using hashtag #COMM503_C1

Google Alerts

Online PR (once a week)

The Online PR and SEO Industries Need to Converge...

Vietnam Internet firm Praises Japanese Porn Star as possible spokesperson

Online PR best practices

How to use online PR effectively to increase sales

CyberAlert Unveils New Media Measurement Tools and Services for PR

3 best ways to inc. Online PR using Google

Bad PR stories

Nintendo's YouTube PR disaster, and the right way to combat sexism

Amy's Baking Company PR Firm Severs Relationship with Restaurant