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George Washington by Mind Map: George Washington
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George Washington

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


George washington was the leader of the American Revolutionary War. He as a leader was always against the enemies. he created the 10 laws from the supreme court

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George Washington grew up in a modest society. his parents used to own a plantation. He learned all the manners and morals to be a respectable young gentleman. In life his two main interests were military arts and wester exoension.


His skills were that he was smart and he knew that he couldnt lead ALL of the county of America, so he decided to name tresures and all that were the equivilant of the ministers. he was also the one that put the standerds of how the Presidents should act, in order for them not to be too royal and also for them


He has always been known as the First president of the United States and also was known as the father of his country.He was also known for leading wars. He was a sucessful leader for independence. He was the first leader to be elected anonymously by the Electoral Collage. He was the first creator of the first 10 justice of the supreme court.