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Neolithic Age by Mind Map: Neolithic Age
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Neolithic Age

Agricultural revolution

People didn't hunt as much as they used to

Food production (growing plants) became more common

People also began domesticating animals for meat, milk, wool, and energy; also, animal droppings made great fertilizer

Happened all over the world

Supported a HUGE population increase - there were about 2 million people 13,000 years ago, and there were 50-100 million people in 1000 BC.

Metalworking became popular

Interaction between humans and the environment

The rise of agriculture led to the decline of wandering, nomadic people - instead, humans began building permanent settlements

Humans started growing food and burning down trees to create space

Because farmers' diets were less varied, farmers tended to be shorter and more susceptible to disease than foragers

Humans developed irrigation, a system used to bring water to the fields in dry areas

Development and interaction of cultures



State-building, expansion, and conflict

Some historians think that there were battles between the farmers and the foragers, because the farmers were clearing all the land and therefore reducing the foragers' food supply

Other historians believe that there was peace between the farmers and the foragers

The population of farmers steadily increased because they had a dependable food supply

Studies show that farmers spread from southeast Europe to northwest Europe

Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems

Pastoralism - a way of life dependent on large herds of grazing livestock; became common in arid regions like the Sahara