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Driving Your Business with Analytics by Mind Map: Driving Your Business  with Analytics
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Driving Your Business with Analytics

Problems & Opportunities

Finding Causes

Date Comparison

Using Segments

Browser Specific Issues


Landing Page Targeting

Paid to Organic

Product View Optimization

Revenue Per Customer

Product Page Optimization

Weak Points

Traffic or Conversion, Funnel Analysis, Benchmarking Conversion, Keyword Research

High bounce rate (>40%)

Traffic Related, Landing Pages, Keyword Optimization

Improvements & Testing

Split Testing

Google Website Optimizer

Stomper Storm

AdWords Split

Stomper Socrates

Estimating Impact of Changes

Monitoring New Traffic

Referrring URLs

Keyphrase Discovery

Metrics Overview


Goal Conversion, Transaction Starts / Visits, Funnel Analysis

E-Commerce Revenue

Lead Tracking



Bounce Rate

Pages per Visit


Brand & Loyalty


User Identification

Key Terms & Concepts

Referral Source ID

Situational Awareness


Calibrating with Historical Data

Dashboard, Customizing the GA Dashboard, Using iGoogle with GA


Custom Dashboards, API Export

Review Meetings, Identify Key Metrics, Review Initiatives, Assess KPI Status