Multicultural Education

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Multicultural Education by Mind Map: Multicultural Education

1. Antiracist

1.1. Obviously, with our classrooms becoming more and more diverse, this will be an important point to make sure that your classroom is warm and inviting to students of all different races.

2. Basic

3. Pervasive

3.1. Multicultural education should spread as our classrooms become more diverse and accompany different cultures.

4. Education for Social Justice

4.1. Cowhey's story about how she used to be less fortunate and how she now tries to incorporate that into her classroom

5. Important for All Students

5.1. Education is not important for just the less fortunate students, but for the fortunate students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. They may not have a warm and inviting home life, so making sure to have a warm and inviting classroom where all students can feel a sense of belonging is important.

6. Process

6.1. Multicultural education is always going to be an ongoing process.

7. Critical Pedagogy