Core Domain 2 Te Ao Maori

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Core Domain 2 Te Ao Maori by Mind Map: Core Domain 2 Te Ao Maori

1. Nga pou mana - concepts that contribute to mana and social policy

1.1. Taonga tuku iho

1.1.1. Taonga inherited treasures; physical and spiritual

1.1.2. Te reo Rangatiri - Maori language

1.1.3. Nga Tikanga principles that guide appropriate conduct and situational behaviour

1.1.4. Nga Ritenga behaviour and practices as determined by nga tikanga

1.1.5. Te kete matauranga - the basket of knowledge

1.2. Te ao turoa - the environment

1.2.1. stewardship over the land given by past generations in trust for those of the future Use of whakapapa to link all things - both natural and social connection between land and ancestry

1.2.2. Whenua - land

1.2.3. Ngahere - forests

1.2.4. Moana - lakes and seas

1.2.5. Awa - waterways

1.3. Whanaungatanga

1.3.1. strong cultural value unite individuals strengthen kinship ties kinship rights and obligations "belonging to whanau"

1.3.2. Tohatoha fair distribution of material things of society

1.3.3. Manaaki relates to finer qualities of people; caring, kindness, hospitality, showing respect

1.4. Turangawaewae

2. te Ao Maori world view

2.1. Tangata whenua - people of the land

2.2. te maoritanga - culture

3. Maori identity

3.1. whanau

3.1.1. whakapapa - genealogy

3.1.2. residence

3.2. hapu

3.2.1. kinship ties

3.2.2. several whanau

3.2.3. could be fluid

3.3. iwi

3.3.1. territorial entity boundaries important for social, economic and cultural identity

3.3.2. alliance of hapu

3.4. waka

3.4.1. ancestral canoe

3.4.2. cluster of related iwi

3.4.3. symbol of Maori identity

4. Te Wairuatanga

4.1. physical realm immersed in and integrated with spiritual realm

4.2. taha wairua - spiritual side to person

4.3. spirituality - should be considered in all aspects of social policy

5. Tapu

5.1. being - with potentiality for power

5.2. not the having

5.3. noa- normality and freedom from tapu

5.4. ritual is to remove extensions of tapu to return to noa.

6. Mana Maori

6.1. associated with form and order

6.1.1. importance of ritual and etiquette

6.2. wellbeing and integrity

6.2.1. wholeness of social relationships

6.2.2. the common good - long term

6.2.3. generated by others and bestowed on individuals and groups

6.2.4. group enhanced- belongs to the group

6.3. associated with

6.3.1. tika - truth truth or justice the right way of doing things

6.3.2. aroha - love

6.3.3. utu - reciprocity reciprocal response hospitality, kindness, gifts,trade righting social injustice

7. Concepts of health and well being

7.1. mauriora

7.1.1. the life principle Detail 1 Detail 2

7.1.2. essence of being alive Detail 1 Detail 2

7.2. hauora

7.2.1. physical sense of health and well-being

7.2.2. Equally important contribution of tahi wairua spiritual tahi whanau family tahi hinengaro psychic

7.3. waiora

7.3.1. the seed of life

7.3.2. natural part of everyday living

7.3.3. personal development across all dimensions

7.4. kotahitanga

7.4.1. solidarity

7.4.2. cultural imperative to work for common interest

8. Adapted from: Henare, Manuka, (1988), Nga Tikanga Me Nga Ritenga O Te Ao Māori, The Royal Commission on Social Policy.