My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Jobs of New Middle Class

1.1. Great Collaborators & Officers

1.1.1. A lot of new middle jobs will involve collaborating with others or orchestrating collaboration within and between companies

1.2. The Great Synthesizer

1.2.1. The further we push out the boundries of knowledge and innovaion the more the next great value breakthroughs will come from putting together dispurate things that you would not think go together.

1.3. The Great Explainers

1.3.1. The more we have good synthesizers, who can bring disparate things together, the more we will need managers, writers, teachers, producer, journalist and editors who are also good explainers, who can expalin things with simplicity.

1.4. The Great Leverager

1.4.1. Now we need people who have a better understanding of how things tie together end to end.

1.5. The Great Adapters

1.5.1. Building employee versitility and finding employees who are adaptable and versatile

1.6. The Green People

1.6.1. There are going to be alot of jobs involving sustaniable and renewable energies

1.7. The Passionate Personalizer

1.7.1. Taking a routine task and upgrades itinto new middle job

1.8. Math Lovers

1.8.1. More and more of what we design, what we buy , what we sell and what we write is a foundation of math.

1.9. The Great Localizers

1.9.1. Big business is certainly important for creating middle class jobs, but small and medium bussiness do majority of the hiring and firing.

2. Skills

2.1. Which class do i take, to learn how to learn?

2.1.1. The first ability you candevelop is the abilty to learn in a flat world. You do this by taking classes you enjoy, so you'd want to learn.

2.2. Navigation

2.2.1. We need to think more about how we teach navigation skills. More and more knowlegde will reside on the world wide web.

2.3. CQ+PQ>IQ

2.3.1. It is always a great advantage to have passion and curiosity

2.4. Stressing Liberal Arts

2.4.1. Since one of the new middle jobs is great synthesizers, encouraging young people early to think horizontally and to connect disparate dots has to be a priority.

2.5. Right Brain

2.5.1. We need to be educating our young people not only in more dot, but also the ability to think horizontally.

2.6. Tubas and Test Tubes

2.6.1. We need to teach our students more music and sciences

2.7. The Right Country

2.7.1. We have all it takes to educate and prepare the sorts of people fit to live in the flat world.

3. Unflat World

3.1. Too Fustrated

3.1.1. Some are threatened or fustrated and even humiliated by this close contact ( Globalization) which makes it easy for people to see where they stand.

3.2. Too Sick

3.2.1. People who are too sick and are faced with sickness like malaria, HIV, etc.

3.3. Too Disempowered

3.3.1. A large group of people who have not been fully emcompassed by the flattening of the world, because they aren't strong enough.

3.4. Too Many Toyotas

3.4.1. A natural resource constraint. we set a global struggle for natrual resources, and its going to devour our planet up fast.