Immune System

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Immune System by Mind Map: Immune System

1. 1st Line of Defense

1.1. Skin

1.2. Cilia

1.3. Sweat

1.4. Stomach Acid

1.5. Mucus

2. 2nd Line of Defense

2.1. Inflammatory Response

2.1.1. Increase in Temperature

2.1.2. Vasodialation

2.1.3. Movement of Macrophages Out of Blood

2.2. Macrophages

2.2.1. Nonspecific cells which engulf pathogens or anitgens or cell debris.

2.2.2. Look for pathogens or antigens floating in body fluids.

3. 3rd Line of Defense (Specific)

3.1. Pathogen Specific WBCs

3.1.1. B-cells Mature in Bone Marrow Produce Antibodies Proteins produced by B-cells which tag pathogens or antigens for destruction or disables them. Can become memory cells to elicit a faster/stronger immune response with future infections.

3.1.2. T-cells Mature in Thymus Can become helper T-cells Activate B-cells to start producing antibodies. Can become cytotoxic T-cells which destroy infected macrophages.