Communities of Practice

The map was developed by contributors to the Communities of Practice MirandaMod held at the WLE Centre, Institute of Education, on September 22 2009.

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Communities of Practice by Mind Map: Communities of Practice

1. Taking ownership of collaborative knowledge

2. A Mirandanet reflection

3. Online CoPs assume trust & are counter adversarial in nature; threats are less apparent/minimised. (Wenger) Does this factor for success lead to its demise?

4. Common challenges/interests

4.1. Trust & reciprocity

5. Follow-up communities eg e-mail (sometimes subversive of institution)

6. Etienne Wenger's Site

7. MirandaNet

8. Knowledge Sharing

8.1. This map!

9. Formal

10. Informal

11. Twitter

12. edutechtalk

13. Promethean Planet

14. Best Practice Models for e-Learning Online Community

14.1. 2 Articles via 'Andy's Black Hole' Blog

15. Open Source Schools

15.1. Open source projects

16. TES Forums

17. Physical (In-Person)

17.1. e.g., Conferences

18. Virtual (Online)

18.1. e.g., MirandaNet

19. Unconferences and '...mods'

20. e-Safety issues

21. COP vs COL? "Practice" vs. "Learning"

22. Reflection on one's work as a personal and shared discipline

23. School learning platforms

23.1. Out of institution learning & collaboration

23.2. out of hours learning

23.3. heutagogic model

23.4. improved reflection (post gossip time)

23.5. teacher as mentor

23.6. teacher as co-learner

23.7. student as teacher