World of Warcraft is a difficuld game to play

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World of Warcraft is a difficuld game to play by Mind Map: World of Warcraft is a difficuld game to play

1. leveling

1.1. it takes substantional amounts of expirience points to level up once you reach higher levels

1.2. monsters and quests 10 levels lower than your level do not give any expirience points

1.3. monsters 10 levels higher than you are extremely hard to hit so it is hard to kill them without dieing

1.4. instances or "dungeons" have elite monster making them stronger but not harder to hit

2. questing

2.1. difficult quests need more than one person

2.2. running around trying to find what you need for the quest

2.3. CARBONITE helps by pointing out where to find the quest item or where the this are that you need to kill

2.4. some quests you will need to either kill monsters, get items, or both

3. armor, weapons, and stats

3.1. when getting newer and or stronger weapons you can't judge the damage on the damage it says you have to base the damage on the damage per second (dps)

3.2. the amount of armor does not always count because if there are better stats such as 200 armor with 150 strength or 230 intelect or no stats with 2000 armor the player has to pick which is more important

3.3. every class has there own stats that help them more ,such as warriors need strength, mages need spirit and intelect, and roques need agility

4. different races and classes

4.1. first you have to choose what race you want to be the tauren, undead, blood elves, troll, and orc are on the horde

4.2. on the alliance there are the humans, dark elves, drainia, gnome, and the dwarves

4.3. each race has passive racial abilities that are only for that race