Twilight is the best Vampire movie.

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Twilight is the best Vampire movie. by Mind Map: Twilight is the best Vampire movie.

1. Great actors

1.1. great british actor who has experience with other mythical beings

1.2. great actor with lots of acting experience

1.3. actor with experience playing a doctor

1.4. very commited actors, that will do anything

2. great story line

2.1. vampire has an instinct to protect human

2.2. vampire in love with human

2.3. vampires don't drink human blood

2.4. love triangle

2.5. dangerous for human to hang out with vampire family

3. special effects and stunts

3.1. special effect dots to make the vampires sparkle in sunlight

3.2. special effects to make the vampires look like they have inhuman speed

3.3. actors doing stunts with no wires

3.4. great stunts with wires

4. secrets

4.1. human not supposed to fall in love with vampire

4.2. Humans not supposed to know about vampires

4.3. Indian tribe not supposed to tell secrets about legends

4.4. Indians watching human dating vampire

5. bad Vampire

5.1. Bad Vampires attack people around the town where the good vampires live

5.2. Bad vampires track and follow bella.

5.3. Bad vampire attack bella

5.4. Bad vampire fight and lose to good vampires

5.5. bad vampires decieved by good vampires for a little while