Little Greenhouse aka Lilla Växthuset

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Little Greenhouse aka Lilla Växthuset by Mind Map: Little Greenhouse aka Lilla Växthuset

1. Promote Top-Down

1.1. Print

1.1.1. Make Posters that we can hang up in different schools For events For the place itself

1.2. myspace

1.2.1. Create an accout

1.2.2. Fill with content

1.3. Homepage

1.3.1. Create a domain, set up a wordpress basis

1.3.2. Fill with content

1.4. short film (youtube)

1.5. BluePromo

1.5.1. drop that

1.6. facebook

1.6.1. Put everything that is produced there up

2. Let them promote themselfes

2.1. Run photo editing tutorials

2.2. Run Wordpress/Homepage Tutorials

2.3. Run movie tutorials

3. Projects (already realised)

3.1. make-up evenings

3.2. movie nights with disussion afterwards

3.3. cooperation with unemployment agencies

3.4. record/produce/edit films

4. Issues

4.1. not being taken serious by the officials

4.2. not enough girls

4.2.1. Drop that

4.3. no interaction between neighborhoods (anybody is welcome!)

5. Get to know "them"

5.1. idea box (shoe box where they could drop there wishes/expectations/...)

5.2. mind map (large paper sheet, pens,...)

5.3. let then know who we are, what we do, why we are there,...