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The Mazda Campaign by Mind Map: The Mazda Campaign
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The Mazda Campaign

Sept. 10

Research who is buying what Mazda cars.

Dec. 1

Pitch the completed Mazda Campaign.

Oct. 23

Research what people are saying about Mazda on Twitter.

Do more research on Web.

Write down key points from research to prepare a pitch.

Nov. 3

Write a Twitter pitch for Mazda campaign.

Sept. 17

Research car buying habits of parents.

Research car buying habits of 18-24 year olds.

Research how mazda advertised in the past years.

Nov. 26

Submit the article about Mazda to local newspapers and metro areas.

Nov. 13

Advertise the affordable prices that 18-24 yr. olds and parents will look at.

Tweet about the affordable prices.

Oct. 1

Promote Mazda on Facebook.

Nov. 20

Write a press release.

Write article to submit to newspapers.

Oct. 10

Create a bulletin for Mazda on Myspace.