The Glass Castle Relationship Visual

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The Glass Castle Relationship Visual by Mind Map: The Glass Castle Relationship Visual

1. Rex Walls

1.1. Rex is the "leader" of the family who likes to believe that the family could not survive with out him. A lot of the family members don't completely agree with all his tactics but there is one person who will always be right by his side.

2. Brian Walls

2.1. Brian is the family's "follower". He'll do anything that everyone else is doing and he'll always do what he is told. Brian loves both his parents and loves his sisters even more. He's young, crazy, and wild. But he doesn't like making drama so he chooses to stay on the good side of each parent.

3. Maureen Walls

3.1. Maureen is the person in the family who is most independent and who likes to go her own way. She doesn't really connect with anyone a lot except for other families around the neighborhood. Maureen practically belongs in a different family.

4. Lori Walls

4.1. Lori likes to follow in her mothers foot steps. She also enjoys art and being creative. Lori does not like her fathers ways and always disagrees. She can't handle her temper when it comes to him.

5. Jeannette Walls

5.1. Jeannette is the perfect daughter in Rex's eyes. She loves to explore, be creative, and use her imagination. She loves her mother dearly but can't seem to figure out why her mother does the things she does. Jeannette is truly her father's daughter.

6. Mary Rose Walls

6.1. Mary Rose is very creative. She loves to be artistic and imaginative. Although she sometimes argues with Rex she loves him and knows she can never leave him. Rex kind of balances her out. With his crazy wild side and her relaxing qualities, they seem to just mesh together.