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First thoughts about what to do with RGRA

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Radio RGRA by Mind Map: Radio RGRA

1. involve and engage kids/youngsters with immigrant background (13-20 years old)

1.1. workshops

1.1.1. radio workshops

1.1.2. radio courses, sound technics

1.1.3. theatre workshops

1.1.4. theme workshops (youth-oriented subjects being part of the kids' lives/experiences) drugs "honour killing" lifestyles materialism

1.2. theatre plays

1.2.1. come up with ideas

1.2.2. play/act

1.2.3. develop scripts

1.2.4. prepare for broadcasting

1.3. broadcasting radio programmes themselves

1.4. make own music

2. possible target groups

2.1. other kids from the participants' home areas

2.1.1. school kids

2.1.2. youngsters interested in the programme (politics?)

2.1.3. kids liking the music (Hip Hop)

2.1.4. kids being interested in making radio

2.1.5. kids interested in making music theirselves

2.1.6. kids interested in radio theatre

2.1.7. kids interested in reporting from their home areas

2.2. parents/relatives

2.3. people in Malmö

3. things we can do

3.1. get involved in the kids' workshops

3.1.1. help them being creative (maybe somehow with the help of social media)

3.1.2. help them doing the radio theatre

3.2. promote the project

3.2.1. before it starts

3.2.2. at the kick-off day organize a kick-off event for the project

3.2.3. when a new episode is released

3.3. document the project

3.3.1. photos

3.3.2. videos

3.3.3. reflections

3.4. get other people involved in the project

3.5. try to change the image of Rosengård and similar areas in Malmö

3.5.1. spread the word about the project throughout Malmö

3.5.2. spread the word about Rosengård's creativity

3.5.3. promote in the city center

3.5.4. similarity to Möllevången (Möllevången as a positive example of a multicultural neighbourhood)

3.5.5. use companies' interest in changing the image of their location (e.g. MKB)

4. how to promote

4.1. online: get socially mentioned!

4.1.1. on facebook - discussion involving people listening

4.1.2. on twitter create a profile ?

4.1.3. through blogs one for the whole project different blogs for the participants could maybe be integrated in the project website

4.1.4. on youtube

4.1.5. on bambuser

4.1.6. on flickr

4.1.7. on myspace upload self-made music? upload podcasts? (possible?)

4.1.8. on podcasting websites

4.1.9. on other networks (that match with the target group)

4.1.10. on the project's own website

4.1.11. on Malmökanalen's website

4.2. offline

4.2.1. on Radio AF (Frank)

4.2.2. in other programmes on Malmökanalen

4.2.3. in the local newspaper(s)

4.2.4. with posters

4.2.5. spread the word RGRA events

4.2.6. with flyers/brochures

4.2.7. "blue promo" promotion day in the city, public places, maybe buses

4.2.8. with action sort of a "flahmob" ? workshops also "street workshops" ? involve potential listeners listeners can choose endings of radio theatre “public listening" and activities around the listening session street journalism: listeners can send in own interviews/stories recorded with mobile phones games/contests improvisation theatre (listerners can decide what happens in the story) kick-off event

5. about the project

5.1. finances

5.1.1. Arvsfonden (money)

5.1.2. Musikbörsen (music equipment)

5.1.3. other sponsors

5.2. investigative radio theatre

5.2.1. will last for 3 years RGRA Sofielunds Folkets Hus

5.2.2. concentrates on difficult areas in Malmö Fosie Rosengård Södra Innerstaden Hyllie

5.2.3. broadcast through... Malmökanalen web radio podcasts

5.2.4. first broadcasts: October 26 and 30

5.2.5. no adults in the broadcast 6 Youth Coordinators recruited by Behrang Miri 17/18 years old worked for RGRA for a couple of years task: market the project, bring in new people they will start broadcasting