Portrayal of Curley's Wife

Analyze Steinbeck's portrayal of Curley's wife as the lone female on the all-male ranch. What general comment is he symbolically making about women through her.

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Portrayal of Curley's Wife by Mind Map: Portrayal of Curley's Wife

1. Alienated

1.1. Only woman on the ranch

1.2. Is 'separated' from her husband

1.3. Is nameless

2. Powerful

2.1. Can have anyone lynched

2.2. Can have people do things for her

2.3. Dont want to be seen talking to her by Curley

3. Disappointed

3.1. Once was scammed by a guy (movies)

3.2. Nobody to talk to

3.3. Does not like Curley's glove

4. Flirtatious, vain but innocent

4.1. Fancies Slim

4.2. Starts screaming when lennie starts messing up her hair

4.3. Allows lennie to touch her hair

5. Desperate

5.1. Wants someone other than Curley

5.2. Wanted to talk with someone

5.3. Wants material objects (clothes)