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Lubrication by Mind Map: Lubrication

1. A true grease consists of an oil and/or other fluid lubricant that is mixed with a thickener substance to form a solid

2. has over 1000 patented industrial applications

2.1. Cutting fluids are used for certain reasons: keep the workpiece at a stable temperature;maximize the life of the cutting tip by lubricating the working edge; prevent rust on machine parts and cutters

3. A gas bearing is virtually frictionless, silent, and vibration free

3.1. Gas lubrication is applied by a compressed gas being pushed against the surface you wish to be lubricated, this means the surface is "floating" upon a cushion of air which allows it move freely.

4. Mineral oil is a liquid with a generally high viscosity and can withstand high temperatures

5. combination of synthetic base oil, thickeners and additives

6. Graphite forms a lubrication film which provides good wear resistance and good seizure resistance

6.1. Graphite is used on systems that use ball bearings, such as skateboards, this is because of its wear resistance

7. A gas bearing can eliminate the risk of contaminating a process with lubricant

7.1. Compressed gases are used in aircraft in some places where hydraulic fluid might contaminate an area. Also compressed gas in the form on pneumatics are used in some earlier planes as a substitute for hydraulics

8. Mineral

8.1. Mineral oil is a lubricant which is derived from crude oil

8.1.1. Synthetic oils were produced to replace mineral oils because synthetic oils could withstand much higher temperatures within the combustion engines of aircarft

9. Cutting Fluids

9.1. Cutting fluids are various fluids that are used in machining to cool and lubricate the cutting tool

9.2. Cutting fluids can include oils, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels, and mists

9.2.1. Cutting fluids are used on CAD (Computer Aided Design) machines. Lubricants are used to cool down and ease the cutting of a material being produced for an aircraft

10. Oil/Grease

10.1. a type of shear-thinning fluid

10.1.1. means viscosity is reduced under shear

10.2. often applied using a grease gun

10.2.1. Greases are used where a mechanism can't be lubricated frequently and where a lubricating oil would not stay in position Grease and oil are used to lubricate the bearings within a jet and gas turbine engine.

11. Graphite

11.1. Graphite is a solid lubricant and the layered structure of graphite allows sliding movement

11.2. Graphite is dependant on water vapour in the atmosphere, this is because the water is absorbed on to the graphite surface, which reduces the bonding of its structure

12. Vegetable

12.1. vegetable oils and fats

12.1.1. castor oil used in hydraulic fluids used in lubricating cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, trains and industrial equipment February 25, 2008, Virgin Atlantic successfully flew an aeroplane with biodiesel Castor oil was the preferred lubricant for the early aviation powerplant design known as the rotary engine

12.1.2. linseed oil

12.1.3. tung oil

12.2. increasingly used in electrical industy

12.3. vegetable oils are non toxic to the environment as the biodegrade

12.4. have issues with chemical stability

12.5. eventually chemically decompose

13. Compressed Gas

14. Synthetic

14.1. performance advantages over mineral based lubricants

14.1.1. Used mostly in cars, motorbikes and boats

14.2. work efficiently in extreme/difficult conditions whether it be because of good viscosity to temperature behaviour

14.3. good chemical resistance