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Measuring What Matters by Mind Map: Measuring What Matters
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Measuring What Matters



outcomes not data

Define Organization Objectives

make these clear, concise, executable, not vague



highlight events?

influence, eg. policy

META dimensions

Traffic Acquisition, paid search, owned, ie. internal traffic, earned, eg. BBC article

Behavior, videos viewed, specific pages visited, proportion of repeat visitors

Outcomes, eg., downloads of reports, email contacts generated, newsletter signups, brand name searches


Awareness - website goal is to reinforce our position as the authority on X research

Participation - Email contacts, comments, questions

Events - engage community, eg. CIFOR's 20th anniversary

Identify Key Performance Indicators

awareness (branded traffic)

Participation - newsletter signups, contacts, PDF downloads

Events - loyalty, turnout, signups

Identify KPI targets

awareness eg. +7k branded searches?

Participation - 500 newsletter signups, 25 contacts, 250 PDF downloads

Events - 50% repeat visits


external, internal - Segmentation is super important: trends and aggregate are almost meaningless without segmentation.

1. Acquisition.per click marketing (PPC), email, affiliate deals, display / banner ads, facebook marketing campaigns.

2. Behavior. page depth > 3, Landing page x, count of visits > x - what do they read and what can we learn from them

3. Outcomes: site activities that add value - such as micro conversion - people who watched a video, download a report, sign up for RSS

4. people who read to the end of an article, yes, this is measurable in google analytics

What to measure: outcomes

- hard indicators: popularity, relevance, transactions/interactions, engagement, downloads, social, email churn - soft indicators (surveys, exit questions) reader satisfaction

Reporting or Analysis

Popularity?, Basic, Unique visitors, # Visits, Pageviews


Transactions/Interactions, shares, comments, contacts

Engagement, eg. newsletter signup



Dashboards, Content Efficiency, Initial Impression, Engagement, Outcome

Know Your Audiences

Who, Internal, Donors, Job seekers, Media, Policy Makers, Academics, Students, Farmers

What interests them?

How do they consume, website, email, social net





Data Quality

Installed properly, all pages?, correct code, #include, manual?

Profiles and filters, Country, exclude/include internal traffic

Sub domains


Google Analytics, set up goals


an important SEO factor

vital for usability


Bounce rate

Keywords used

Time spent on site

Site Search

use of the website search box. this can be configured in Google Analytics: measures lostness and laziness. what can't people find on the site, can be used for editorial plan.

Connect to Google Webmaster Tools


traffic spiks and troughs

broken pages


academic calendar

country vacation days

How To?

[avoid success theater - the comforting but ultimately meaningless feeling you get when your stats (eg. twitter followers, pageviews) increase by 10%. In Social Media terms focus on a small, highly engaged community than a large follower or fan count.


These reports are hosted by ypard, so please add them to your own accounts. You will also need to customize them for your own goals, brand names etc.

Advanced Blog Dashboard,

Basic Blog Dashboard,

Social Media Dashboard 1,

Social Media Dashboard 2,



Custom Reports


SEO Reporting,

Keyword Analysis and Engagement,

Hours and Days,

Content Efficiency,

Link Analysis,

Non-branded keyword report,

Visitor acquisition efficiency,

404 errors,

Referring sites,

Email Newsletter,


Google for non-profits

Free ads

Youtube branding


Google Apps

Check elibigility,

GA Add ons

Social Analytics code

Tag builder

Tweet Lookup Plugin,

subdomain tracking,

Download files

Event tracking goals, eg. <a href=”/downloads/whitepapers/seo-is-great.pdf” onClick=”_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'whitepaper', 'download', 'SEO is great', 5, true]);” target=”_blank”>SEO Is Great Whitepaper</a>

Social Interaction



John Coffey



skype, johnolivercoffey




Overcoming fear

Baby steps, see section on Method

Don't overwhelm with data and reports

The Measurement Mentality

3 types of decision making, HPPO, Highest Paid Person's Opinion, Decision Making with : bad data, too much data and/or no goals, Decision making with data in continuous improvement process

Outcomes and impacts, not data, Did people do what you want?, Have you defined what you want?, Critical Few, Work backwards from Key Outcomes, get agreement on definition of Outcomes, Present insights first, then data, avoid confusion, avoid misinterpretation, Google Analytics, dashboards, custom reports

hero opportunity