Anne Frank

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Anne Frank by Mind Map: Anne Frank

1. Life Before Hiding

1.1. Moved from Germany to Netherlands in 1933

1.2. School

1.3. Daily activities

1.4. Daily living changed and interrupted by Jewish persecution

2. Life After Hiding

2.1. SAll are arrested August 8, 1944

2.2. Kugler and Kleiman also arrested

2.3. All helpers survive

2.4. All inhabitants of Annex die in concentration camps except Otto Frank

2.5. After Otto returns to Amsterdam, Miep gives him Anne's diaries

3. Life in the Secret Annex

3.1. Location and layout

3.1.1. Behind business owned by her father and Mr. Van Pels

3.1.2. 6 rooms on 3 floors

3.1.3. approximately 115 square meters

3.2. 8 residents

3.2.1. Anne Frank often plays a clown very truthful in diary

3.2.2. Mother: Edith Frank gloomy and has strong faith

3.2.3. Father: Otto Frank leader of the group

3.2.4. Sister: Margot Frank calm and serious her diary was never found

3.2.5. Herman Van Pels always tells jokes remains optimistic about end of war

3.2.6. Auguste Van Pels enjoys political discussions argues often with her husband

3.2.7. Peter Van Pels likes to work with his hands falls in love with Anne

3.2.8. Fritz Pfeffer dentist plans to move to South America after the war

3.3. 5 helpers

3.3.1. Miep Gies Secretary of Otto Shops for those hiding brought books

3.3.2. Bep Voskuijl Young so Anne relates to her Shops and eats one meal per day in Annex ordered correspondence courses for Annex

3.3.3. Jo Kleiman Calm and inspires trust focused on safety for Annex

3.3.4. Victor Kugler fiddled with company books to provide money for Annex brought newspapers and magazines

3.3.5. Jan Gies Miep's husband Used contacts to get coupons for food and clothing

3.4. Daily routine

3.4.1. cannot speak or run water during working hours

3.4.2. strict routine to follow for safety