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Live Example

Any Keywords You Want Analyzed?

Biggest Mistakes

Targeting Wrong Keywords

Putting up Unhelpful Videos

Not having enough Call to Actions

Working on Too many videos at once

Not Promoting Your Videos Enough

Product Selection

Where To Find Products?

Watching TV

Jv Notify Pro, Muncheye, Warrior JV,

Walking Around the Mall

Magazines, Boating, Car, Electronics, Luxury


Google News

Monetization Strategy?

Affiliate marketing

Your own products

Local clients

List building

The Best Affiliate Networks

Sell Health, Mature Products

Clickbank, All kinds of products

As Seen on PC, Products getting a lot of media attention

Commission Junction, Big name brands

Market Health, Popular Women's Health Products

MoreNiche, A lot of different types of health product, A LOT of affiliate resources

Amazon, Everything and anything

Peerfly, CPA network (lower payouts)

Private Affiliate

Keyword Research

What Keywords Convert Best?

Review Keywords, Reviews, Bonus

How To Keywords

"For Dummies"

Product Name Keywords, Model Number, Brand

Celebrity Terms

Does "Product Name" Work, Does "XYZ" Really Work, Does "XYZ" Actually Work


Search Volume, 500-1000

Too Much Competition?

Is There A Video On The First Page?, Is It Optimized?, Keyword in Title?, Keyword in Description?, How Many Views? Real or Fake?, 50k-100k?, When Was it uploaded?, How Many Backlinks?, 100-200 backlinks?, Anchor Text Variety, Targeting more than one term

Are The Top 10 Sites Optimized?, Keyword in Title?, Description?, Niche Sites Ranking?, How Many Backlinks?, Authority Sites Ranking?, Wikipedia?, Amazon?

Homework Assignment

Find 5-10 keywords to target

Proper On Page SEO

Homework Questions between topics

Pre Upload Optimization

Name The Video Keyword.mp4

Extra Optimization for PC Users, Adobe Bridge

Post Upload Optimization

Keyword In Title

Keyword in Description

Affiliate URL

Short Description

Long Tail Keywords listed at the end

Keywords in Tags

YouTube URL in description

If you're doing local marketing: Go To Advanced Settings > Video Location > Set your target city

Hangout Optimization

Follow the same as above


Share Them on Social Networks


Networks Below The Video


Social Bookmarks

Social Monkee


Social Robot


SEO Clerks



Web 2.0 Links

Video Embeds, VideoRankr


SEO Clerks

Wiki Links

Wiki Robot


SEO Clerks

If needed

High PR Links

Article Marketing

Look For New Gigs

Video Valet

100% done-for-you

Build over 12,000 links to each video

You can submit up to 20 videos per month

Index Those Backlinks



Ping Your Reports

Build Backinks To Your Backlink

Social Signals

YouTube Views



YouTube Likes

YouTube Comments

Video Creation

Low Comp Product Just Announced

What Videos Convert Best?

Screen cast videos,, Live Example

Powerpoint, Live Example

Merchants Videos, Live Example


Hangouts, Free, Rank really fast, Live example

CC Videos, Free, Leverage other people's content

4-Step Formula

Tell Them Who You Are

What You Have

What it can do for them

What to do next


Live Video Analysis

Get Your Questions Answered

The Goal

Eliminate Barriers

Clear Up Any Confusion

Get You Results


Your chance to ask questions